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Thirty plus years as a Colorado Surveillance Investigator

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30 Years of surveillance as a private investigator   Based out of Denver, Colorado, we have been conducting surveillance investigations since 1984. With over three decades of surveillance experience, you might suspect that we have seen a few changes over the years.    With today’s technology, private investigators have access to phones, voice mail, texts and emails, from nearly anyplace the investigation might take them. However this was not always the case.    In the early days of surveillance investigations we were armed with Beaulieu Super 8 movie cameras.  These had approximately 3 minutes of film per roll, which meant that if the investigator was obtaining substantial film, they would continuously have to reload the camera, leaving spots...

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Today’s Professional Private Investigator

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Today’s Professional Private Investigator The general perception of a private investigator is a person wearing a trench coat and arranging a meeting in a back alley to accept money, to gather information by some nefarious means. Often times clients believe that private investigators “pay somebody off” to obtain information that they have been unable to ascertain. This image comes from the TV version of PI’s and is very different than the real world private investigator.   The professional private investigator of today is exactly that, a professional. The modern day private investigator is well aware that any information which is not obtained legally, will certainly be challenged in court with the possibility that the information will...

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2014 Private Investigator Of The Year

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2014 Private Investigator Of The Year Extremely Honored to receive the 2014 Private Investigator of the Year award from the Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado.  

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One person surveillance vs. multiple person surveillance

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Proper surveillance techniques When requesting surveillance from a private investigator, it is assumed that the private investigator will see everything that happens, all day, every day at every location. This assumption is just not realistic due to a number of variables.   First off many things happen behind closed doors, in private areas or any number of places where a person has a reasonable expectation of privacy. The law abiding private investigator will respect this. Additionally you might have a subject who resides in an extremely rural area, making it difficult to conduct direct surveillance without standing out. While following a subject several more factors arise such as traffic lights, traffic conditions and the maneuvers made by other drivers on...

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BE AWARE OF SCAM ARTIST We were asked by a client to check out her business partner. She indicated that she was starting to have some questions about him, and he had an answer for everything she asked. The story starts like this. Our client met her business partner, the male subject, known as John Frederick Michaels, at a business networking event at an upscale hotel in Denver, Colorado. Within 30 minutes of their meeting, the subject felt compelled to share a story from his past on how he lost his 4 year old daughter in a traffic accident. He indicated that his ex-wife was driving their daughter and looked down to look at her phone causing a traffic accident which tragically took the life of his daughter. This happened in October of 2006, but he was unable to...

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