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Every one of our investigators and office personnel are experienced, professionals and are held to the highest standards and ethics.

Customer Service is our 1st priority.

Based in Denver and covering the entire state of Colorado and Wyoming, our services include: 

 Q. Surveillance:

With decades of experience, this is our area of expertise. Whether you are looking to determine insurance fraud, worker’s comp fraud, diminish claims, conduct activity checks, spousal infidelities, investigate how employees actually spend their work time away from the office or to effect service of process on an evasive subject, expert surveillance techniques, advanced equipment and extensive experience can make all the difference in achieving desired results.

We have the ability to communicate in Spanish when needed and we are known for our creativity when a case requires us to follow a defendant down a ski slope, conduct surveillance in the vast Colorado wilderness by donning camouflage to blend into the surroundings, (watch out for wildlife!) or by leaning out of an airplane to get video.  We are dedicated to completing your case in a timely and efficient manner while providing you regular case updates with video samples and daily highlights. Reports and evidence are sent out within 48 hours of case completion.

These are just a few of the numerous reasons why so many companies and individuals choose Colorado Private Investigations, LLC for all of their investigative needs.

 Q. Skip Tracing and Witness Locates

Whether you are trying to locate a missing witness, defendant, debtor, evasive subject or lost relative, it is imperative to have the most effective resources, skills and technology. With daily requests for these services, our experienced staff are efficient, discrete, creative and leave no stone un-turned.

 Q. Process Service

Process service becomes necessary when a  law suit is initiated. We have been conducting all types of process services for years. We are extremely knowledgeable of Colorado laws and rules of civil process. We are polite, professional and discrete. We specialize in difficult services and have the ability to place an evasive defendant or subject under surveillance and serve them away from home or work, where they least expect it.

 Q. Witness Interviews

We have years of experience in this area. We are respectful, thorough and detailed in both the interview and in reporting. You can count on Colorado Private Investigations, LLC to obtain the information you need and report it professionally in a timely and efficient manner.

 Q. Background Checks and Pre-employment Screenings

Our staff has been conducting background searches for corporations, local fire departments, insurance companies and individuals for over a decade. We provide detailed reports of Colorado criminal, civil and Department of Motor Vehicle history which is helpful in legal proceedings, hiring decisions and to compliment insurance investigations. National information available. Please call for details

 Q. Colorado Department of Motor Vehicle, Colorado Police Report and Court Record Retrieval.

We know our way around the numerous Colorado courts and the Department of Motor Vehicle offices and can retrieve any necessary records with a valid legal reason. Colorado requires a permissible purpose in order to obtain DMV records.


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