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Employment Locates Through Surveillance

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Searching for someones employer? While there are numerous databases who claim to be able to locate an individual’s employment, some of this information can be outdated. Especially in the case of a subject who changes jobs a lot, this might not be the best approach to locating employment. The most direct route to locate where an individual is working is through surveillance. Often times this can be accomplished through a brief morning surveillance, as many people work the typical 9 to 5 shift. However this is not always the case. In this day and age when we have many businesses open 24 hours, a subject could work a swing or evening shift as well To conduct this type of investigation, we will start with the morning surveillance and if this does not lead us to...

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Cheating Spouse

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Are they or aren’t they???? If you suspect your spouse or partner is cheating, you need to call a professional surveillance investigator. Often times we will get a case after an untrained individual tries to conduct surveillance on an subject, only to learn that the subject discovered the attempted surveillance by the untrained individual. Then it is much more difficult to conduct a discreet surveillance on this same subject as they will be on high alert. The time to call Night Moves of Denver is when you suspect infidelity so you can have a professional surveillance investigator verify or deny your suspicions. With over three decades of surveillance experience, Night Moves of Denver are the Colorado private investigators that you need to call. Call toll...

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FREE Initial Consultation

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Trying to decide if you need to hire a PI? While our area of expertise is conducting an insurance investigation, we also know there is a need for you as an individual to be able to talk to a private investigator about your unique situation. At Night Moves of Denver we understand that deciding to take the first step to make a phone call to a private investigator can be an intimidating undertaking. To make this first step more comfortable we offer a free initial consultation and your case will be discussed confidentially with a professional investigator. We will discuss your ultimate objective and how this can be accomplished in a legal and ethical manner. Call today at 888-456-4779 and discuss your case with a private investigator and we will tell you what we can...

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Link To Colorado Open Records Amendment

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Here is the link to Colorado HB 12-1036, the amendment to the Colorado Open Records Act. If you read the bill we believe that you will find that it is too broad and very vague. This could potentially seal a wide variety of records which are in the custody of law enforcement.

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