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One person surveillance vs. multiple person surveillance

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Proper surveillance techniques When requesting surveillance from a private investigator, it is assumed that the private investigator will see everything that happens, all day, every day at every location. This assumption is just not realistic due to a number of variables.   First off many things happen behind closed doors, in private areas or any number of places where a person has a reasonable expectation of privacy. The law abiding private investigator will respect this. Additionally you might have a subject who resides in an extremely rural area, making it difficult to conduct direct surveillance without standing out. While following a subject several more factors arise such as traffic lights, traffic conditions and the maneuvers made by other drivers on...

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HOW CAN SURVEILLANCE HELP YOU   An experienced Colorado licensed private investigator can conduct surveillance to assist you with your needs in a variety of cases. Surveillance can be a great tool when you are involved in a domestic situation such as separation or divorce. Depending on where your case was filed (in Colorado or in another state) the results can benefit your case in varying ways. The most common reason an individual might hire a Colorado licensed private investigator is to verify suspicions of infidelity. These types of investigations are conducted every day, all over the country. We understand that this is often a difficult first phone call to make. Let us make you feel at ease by allowing you to talk to a professional investigator, to...

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Locating a Friend or Relative

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Thinking About Trying to Locate and Old Friend or Relative? While there are numerous websites on the internet that claim to be able to locate a friend or relative fairly inexpensively, we continue to receive requests from individuals who have tried these services, only to find that the information they received was very old and the person has not lived at the given address for years. After we were able to find the person, our clients often wonder why they spent the money on other internet sites. Hiring a licensed private investigator can get you the results and reunion that you are looking for.     Recently we were hired by an individual searching for a family friend from many years back. Both lived in California at that time, but our client now resides...

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Colorado Private Investigator Licensing

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New Licensing for Colorado PI’s The voluntary licensing program for the Colorado private investigator will be in effect on July 1, 2012. At this time, you as a client will have to decide if you want to retain a Colorado private investigator who is licensed or one that is unlicensed. When choosing a licensed investigator you will have the comfort of knowing that the investigator has been through an FBI background check as well as a Colorado Bureau of Investigations background check. Furthermore, in order to qualify for a Colorado private investigator license, the individual has to have substantial experience in the investigative field. This is a voluntary program allowing a less seasoned investigator to work toward the necessary hours needed to become...

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Employee Check

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Ever wonder what your employees are doing during work hours when they are not at the office? In this day and age when everybody is trying to get the most for their buck, can you as an employer afford to be paying employees who are not actually working for you, while on company time? This seems to be an ongoing problem in every type of employment, not knowing if your employee is actually working or conducting personal business while away from the office. We have conducted countless investigations into sales people or generally any type profession, when the employee is allowed to work outside of the office and is on the merit system, only to find that they have abused this privilege and are using work hours to take care of personal business while you are paying...

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